Trekking home on this hot summers evening, I look to my wrist, swipe across the screen, and with a few taps, the home air conditioning is set to 23 degrees, lighting set to a cool, but dim, blue and checked the stock levels on the fridge beer shelf. All set. Bliss awaits.

Welcome to a connected world.

xGizmo is your online destination for gadgets, wearables, smarthome gear and anything that falls under the acronym IOT (Internet of Things). With a difference. We don’t sell anything.

We find the best of the best, irrespective of brand name or no brand name. We search for the best value, quality and features. We search for the new, and the interesting.


That, is our simple mission “To Search out the best value in the Latest New Gadgets”


But wait, there’s more. No point stopping there. When we find something interesting, we then hunt for the manufacturer and wholesaler, and connect you straight to them. That’s the power of the internet.

If you have any suggestions, or if you find any cool tech you feel we should add to the site, please the info to us.

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